Foil for Cold Forming Laminate

LSKB Manufactures a range of soft Aluminium Foils suitable for Alu-Alu packaging of Pharmaceutical products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc. with the following general specifications.

Application- Cold forming blister (Alu-Alu)in the Health Care segment

Alloy Type- 8021

Temper- O(soft)

Thickness & Tolerance- 0.045-0.06 mm (Tolerance: +/-5%)

Width & Tolerance- 200-2100mm (Tolerance :+/-1mm)

Typical Core I.D.- 76mm, 152mm

Pin Hole- Pinhole Free

Surface Quality- Free from scratches, rolling bands and wrinkles

Wet-ability Test- A grade for soft

Adopted Standard- IS:737:2008

Packing- Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Box Packing/Pallet Packing